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We will have your cat relaxed and purring, clean and content.

If your cat is older, has never been groomer, or just doesn’t like it, we recommend doing the bare minimum to keep your cat happy and healthy.  That said, if we can bypass the bath and only do a shave down, we keep your cat’s best interest in mind throughout the whole process.
We offer a full groom or a bath and brush.  Our basic bath and brush service includes it all.  Cleaning of the eyes, ears, expressing the anal glands, trimming the nails, brush, bath, blowout and sanitary clip.  The only difference with the full groom is cutting the hair beyond just trimming up the private areas. We use special natural shampoos and conditioners formulated for cats that are non-toxic.
Cat grooming can be stressful and dangerous both for the groomer and the cat.  
Our staff goes through extensive cat training before grooming your precious feline.  Our goal is to complete as much as we can without your cat getting upset or stressed.  
We recommend starting your kitten with regular grooming early on, so they will be familiar with the process and even learn how to enjoy it.